The Ultimate Garage Storage Cabinet - Made to order or standard

We offer a range of storage solutions designed to improve space, livability and security. Products like our Garage Cabinets, are a fantastic solution for maximising your storage.

Our Garage Cabinets can be placed at the head of a car park, on a balcony, beside the house or shed and in any normally unused area.

Click on the tabs below for more information and be sure to check out the slideshow of images at the base of the page for great examples and ideas on how this storage system can be adapted to your needs.

The units are:

  • Free standing and very stable
  • They can be placed back to back or applied as a continuous application
  • The unit fits wholly within the designated car area and does not affect access to neighbouring vehicles
  • The leg / stand height is adjustable, which means all variation in floor levels can be accommodated
  • Powder coated aluminium is used to resist corrosion
  • Our installers always ensure that access to or operation of service and safety fittings/devices is not compromised
  • Storage is gained without loss of valuable car space
  • Have a storage capacity of up to 6.9 cubic meters and hold up to 800kg

Standard unit dimensions

Our standard units are made from the below table of standard sizes. Any combination of Length, Width and Height from the table are available. (Remember the height measurement is for the actual storage box, the height of the legs for ground clearance is added to this measurment to give a total unit height.)

Standard Lengths Standard Widths Standard Heights
2400mm 854mm 1004mm
2700mm 1004mm 1904mm
3000mm   2054mm

Standard Door

Standard Door - Garage Cabinet

The Box Thing Garage Cabinet comes standard with the Hinged Door option. The two doors hinge from the outside of the unit and seal arround the perimiter of the unit. Other door options are available, please refer to the options tab above.



The unit is secured via a Three point T-Bar locking system. These locks are extremly easy to operate whilst still offering piece of mind. The doors are sealed using a special stylus tape to prevent dust, water and vermin penetration.

Split Level

Split level Garage CabinetGarage Cabinets can be split into two levels. Both levels can support a load of 500kg. Different door combinations are availible for each level. The most effective option is a Standard Overhead Door for the upper level and either the Sliding Door or Hinged Door option for the lower level.


Door Options

Duel Outward Door  (Optional Door)Hinged Door

Each door opens outward from the center allowing maximum access and light. Doors can only be opened if vehicle is moved. An internal flashing on one of the doors seals the center. These doors have to be opened in sequence.

Sliding Doors  (Optional Door)Sliding Doors

Doors consist of two sliding panels. Access is limited to a maximum of one half of the unit. This is a great option if the operation of a Hinged door is restricted or obstructed.

Duel Inward Door  (Optional Door)Duel Inward Door

Each door opens to the center allowing. This option is generally used when access is restricted.



Shelving Options

Shelving is avialable in all standard Garage Cabinets. Shelves are adustable to incriments of 150mm and can hold up to 300kg. Multiple shelves can be fitted.

Colours and Finishes

The Box Thing standard colour is Dulux Pottery (beige) and is a Powder Coat finish.

Other colours are available however additional charges may apply.

Units can be left mill finished, this is a raw metal finish and may affect The Box Thing standard warranty.


Units can be manufactured for a range of applications.

  • Garage area storage
  • Balcony area storage
  • External or outdoor area storage (Example: beside the house)

If you have another application and would like to know if The Box Thing is suitable, please call us on 1800 017 247.

The below will allow you to work out the size and clearance necessary to have one of our units manufactured to your exact needs.

Site and Location

  • Is the unit indoor or outdoor?
  • Are there any services that the unit may obstruct (Taps, electrical boxes, fire systems)?
  • What is the total length x depth x height available?
  • Will the operation of the door be affected by any surrounding objects?
  • What is the unit to be located on?

Available Sizes

The length of a unit can range from a minimum 254mm up to a maximum 3000mm.

The depth and height of a unit are as per this table



Available Heights

Available Depth /Widths




































Measure & Quote

We provide an obligation and cost free measure and quote.

If you would like one of our friendly staff to check measure an area for you, please contact us on 1800 017 247


Installation is by one of our professional installers and is delivered and placed in place. Normally this is a free standing unit however our installers can affix it to the wall or floor if desired. In some circumstances Body Corporate approval may be required for this to take place.

Garage Cabinet Slideshow

Click on any of the images below to see a slideshow of larger images that will inspire you as to the many ways that The Box Thing Garage Cabinets can hep to reduce clutter and use space more efficiently in your garage, home, or gardern.

Garage Cabinet sliding doors
Huge capacity
Duel Level
Sliding door garage cabinet
Garage Cabinet
Custom Built Garage Cabinet