Aluminium Ute Canopy

We have a range of Aluminium Canopies to suit most Vehicles. With solutions for single cab, half cab and duel cab utes why not put The Box Thing on the back of your truck.

Manufactured in Brisbane, we can supply and install Australia wide. We also custom fabricate solutions. Call or email today to see how we can help you.

Work or Play, The Box Thing will do it all.

Click on the tabs below to see the options available and create a solution for your vehicle.

Features & Benefits:

Tray Bed

The unit comes standard with an aluminium tray bed floor. This helps to maintain water proofing while offering a clean work surface.

The tray bed or base of the unit runs all the way to the very edge with no lip or raised side making it extremely easy to load and unload.

Standard are Internal Tie Point. An ideal way to ensure your load is secured. Fitted to either side of the lower internal frame are 16mm stainless steel bars that allow for tie from one side to the other.

Wider Access Doors

The Box Thing canopy allows for maximum access with the widest possible opening. Each side door opens to the full length of the unit.

The doors are operated on gas struts and locked by a central operation. Each door is secured at 3 points and has a further option of Central locking.

Water Proof, Dust Proof

Using the latest EPDM rubber and sponge seals The Box Thing Canopy provides a Dust and Water free environment.

Venting & Cooling

Unlike most traditional canopies and toolboxes The Box Thing has a double skinned roof that helps maintain a workable temperature inside. The air gap between the outer layer and the inner layer helps to moderate the internal temperature of the unit. Special venting along each side door also helps to release heat.

This makes the unit ideal for the operation of fridges, compressors and even camping.

Light Weight

The Box Thing canopy is light weight with units from 178kg - 250kg, leaving you with more capacity for your load.

Other options are available, please refer to the Options tab above.

Standard Dimensions:

Our standard units are made from the below table of standard sizes. Any combination of Length, Width and Height from the table are available. If you require a specific size or would like more information on the profile of the unit, please request a quote from the LHS of this site and we will provide further information. 

Length Width Height
1800mm 1750mm 920mm
2100mm 1800mm 1010mm
2400mm 1870mm 1118mm
Or as required    


Door Options:

Side Doors are standard on every Canopy

The unit comes standard with two side doors.

Optional: Rear Door

Optional: Split Side Doors

Optional: Fixed panel / Fixed Panel Ladder

The doors are operated via a central folding T handle and latched at three points. An Electronic Central Locking upgrade is available


Window, Inside the CanopyWindow can be fitted to the front, rear and sides of the unit. Windows can be clear or light grey with sliding and awning window options available.


Internal Tie Points:

Internal Tie Rail System, adjustable

To ensure your load does not move, internal Tie points are supplied as a standard item. The Tie points extend from front to back down the outer edges of the unit, allowing for a more effective and versatile use of the tray space.

The Load Points that carry the Stainless bar slide from front to back to provide a range of locations to tie to. Once the bar is under load they no longer slide ensuring your load is secure.

Internal Lighting:

Internal Canopy cab and door lights

Option 1:

5 Watt Slim line LED lights fitted to the inside roof of the Canopy. Switched inderpendently or in pairs.


Option 2:

5 Watt Slim Line LED lights fitted to the inside of the door. This provides light under the door once open. Switched independenlty.

Option 3:

LED Strip lighting on the outer inside edge of the doors.


External Lighting:

Rear Work LightsLow Voltage LED flood lights can be mounted to the front, rear and sides of the unit. Great for camping or working at night.



High Mounted Tail Lights:

LED & High Mounted Stop Lights

Brake lights, Indicator lights and reversing lights can be located high on the rear panel to ensure clear visibility when towing.

Reversing Cameras can also be located in this bar. Other fittings include, site lights and additional hazard lighting if required.


Roof Racks:

Custom Roof Rack with Solar

We offer two styles of roof rack. A 40mm round tube bar front and rear for ladders, timber and lengths of material or a 25mm square tube basket surrounding all four edges to capture a load.

Removable units:

Lift Off Canopy

With the use of a removable frame assembly the Canopy can be easily taken on and off the vehicle as required.  

Measure & Quote

We provide an obligation and cost free measure and quote.

If you would like one of our friendly staff to check measure your vehicle, please contact us on 1800 017 247

Alternatively if you would like to send us an email with an outline of what you would like, we will happily get back to you.



Units can be collected from one of our offices in Brisbane and Sydney.

Alternatively units can be supplied direct Australia wide in a self install kit.

Units that require fitting directly to the vehicle body (not a tray) will be fitted in our Brisbane and Sydney offices or arranged by The Box Thing in other areas.

Freight and Delivery charges may apply.

Ute Canopy Slideshow

Below are some examples that show the versatility of The Box Thing Ute Canopy. If you would like to discuss the options available for your vehicle, please contact us on

1800 017 247.


Alloy Canopy on Space Cab Mazda BT50
Space Cab Mazda BT50 with Alloy Ute Canopy to custom spec
Full Canopy Drawer Assembly
Canopy Drawer System
Canopy Drawers and Custom Storage Layout
Fridge Slide and drawer assemble
Canopy Rear Drawer
12v Power Outlets, Bc-Dc charger, solar input, Lights, Dimer & Digi-metre
Battery Store, 220 amp/hr battery bank concealed
220amp/hr Battery Bank recessed into drawer space
New Hilux Canopy
New dual cab Hilux with Canopy
Electrical Fit out. The complete package
Shade and space to spare in this canopy
Canopy and Pull Out Bench
Canopy Bench allows for Drawer
Canopy and Pull Out Bench put away
Custom Body on a custom truck
Tough Toys need Tough Bodies
BT 50 with Chassis Mount canopy and Carpet Floors
Drop Down Bench in the side of Canopy
79 Series Land Cruiser Canopy
Dual Cab tray mounted canopy
Dual Cab Landcruiser with Canopy, rear ladder and Tyre Carrier
Touring Canopy Setup
Boat Loader and Canopy 79 series cruiser
Pull out drop down fridge slide and Bench assembly
Motor Loader Assembly
Fridge Slide and Drop down Bench Storage in Canopy
Mazda BT 50 Single Cab Canopy
BT 50 Single Cab Canopy Chassis Mounted
Under Body Tool Boxes
Tradesman Canopy, Carpenter
Under Body Tool Boxes & Fuel Filler
Tradesman Canopy, Shelving
Tradesman Canopy, great access
Tradesman Alloy Canopy
Adjustable Rack positions & Tie Points
Roof Racks, Loaded
Internal Tie Rail System
Secure your load inside your Canopy
Under Body Tool Box
Alloy Canopy on Dodge Ram
Alloy Canopy front, Soft Canopy Rear
Half Tray Half Canopy
Maximum access to tray & soft Canopy
Internal Storage & Tanks
Colorado Dual Cab Canopy
Holden Colorado Dual Cab Canopy
Holden Colorado Canopy
Alloy Canopy on Dual Cab 79 Series Toyota Land Cruiser
Lift off canopy on dual cab 79 series land cruiser
Custom fit out, fridge slide, generator shelving & Drawers
Canopy internal fit out
Drawer Units in Canopy
Multiple Shelving and Drawers, Canopy
Removable Canopy
Removable Alloy Canopy
High Pressure Cleaning Service Body
Service Body, pump equipment & water tank
Custom Alloy Tray
Custom Aluminium Tray
Aluminium Tray Mounted Canopy
Ute Canopy
Ute Canopy LC 79
Ute Canopy work space
Canopy Shelving and Drawers
Canopy Shelving and Drawers
Ute Canopy 3 door
Ute Canopy
Ute Canopy shelving & Drawers
Ute Canopy Drawers
Canopy Shelving and Drawers
Tray Canopy
Ute Canopy tary mounted
Ute Canopy rear door
Ute Canopy
Tradesmans Canopy
Single cab Canopy on 79 series Cruiser
Canopy internal tyre mount
Canopy Roof Basket
Roof Basket and internal tyre mount, heaps of room
Roof Basket and internal tyre mount, heaps of room
79 series Toyota Canopy
79 series Toyota Canopy
The Box Thing Canopies
Dual Cab, Alloy Canopy
Aluminium Canopy
Nissan Alloy Canopy
The Box Thing Alloy Canopy on Nissan
Canopy internal shelving
Internal shelving for Tools
Canopy Shelving Display
Under Tray Drawer
Tradesman Canopy
Tray Drawer
Nissan Navara The Box Thing Canopy
Nissan Navara The Box Thing Canopy
Box at work
Colorado Canopy
Under Body Boxes, Rear Drawer, Tail Lights
Tail Light Assembly for ute canopy
Dual Cab Colorado Canopy
3 Door Ute Canopy
Lift on Canopy
Removable Canopy
Tray Body
Vehicle Service Body
Lift on Lift off Camper
Work from your vehicle
Customised Tray Body
White canopy
Gull wing doors canopy
Canopy to fit steel tray
Checker Plate Canopy
Under Body Tool Boxes
Canopy Ladder
The Box Thing in Checker plate
Holden Colarado Canopy
Adjustable Rack positions & Tie Points
Dual Cab Canopy
Dual Cab Canopy open
Alloy Canopy
Custom Built Tray
Internal Lighting - The Box Thing Canopy
Canopy storage Box
Storage Box & drop down bench
Fit Fridge and Slide
Retrofitable Storage Box & Drop Bench
Canopy, Fridge Slide, Under Tray Drawer, Step Unit