Tip #4 - Rodent proofing your storage

As we all know rodents are very effective at getting into even the smallest of spaces and its usually when your rumaging around through that pile of old boxes that you find them.

So how do we prevent them from getting into our stuff?

Firstly we need to understand that these creatures are very nimble and will chew through cardboard and even timber to find food or a warm place to nest.

That said, the number one rule is do not store food with items intended for long term storage (more then a month)

Second, the most effective way to prevent rodents getting into your stored goods is to ensure your items are stored in boxes or containers that they can not penertrate. For example plastic, steel or aluminium boxes. These boxes will need a good lid as Rodents can make their way through very small spaces.

Another alternative is to take items stored in cardboard boxes and place them in a larger rodent proof storage box like The Box Thing.